Stories of improved lives.

These are some of the people whose lives have been made a little better through our welfare grants programme. 

To respect privacy all names have been changed and the images are a representation only, but otherwise the stories are genuine accounts of the lives of people who have or are being helped by the National Benevolent Charity.

Greg & Pat

Greg and Pat live in Cornwall with their 4 year old daughter. Greg was diagnosed with aggressive lymphoma and unable to work; Pat was caring for Greg and their daughter which meant a drastic fall in income and as a result and they became unable to meet their household bills or buy food . We made an  award of £300 of vouchers to spend at the supermarket of their choice. 


Richard from Kent is and has a history of schizophrenia having spent much of his childhood in care; an in and out of homeless shelters. He has now been rehoused but he did not have the funds to buy a bed or bedding. We supplied £500 vouchers so that he could try and make his new house into a home. 


Beatrice is 45 and from North Yorkshire. She and her 14 year old daughter were subject to years of abuse from her former husband. When they suffered broken bones they fled that family home to a women's refuge , leaving everything behind.  Having stayed at the refuge for a year they were offered an unfurnished flat. We were able to give vouchers towards essential household items.


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