Case Studies

Here are some of the stories of the people who The National Benevolent Charity has been able to help. They all have to live on basic state benefits and are unable to work because of illness, disability, age or some other reasons.

The help that The National Benevolent Charity is able to give makes life a little easier and a little better for people who, through no fault of their own, have suffered inescapable hardship and misfortune.

To respect confidentiality all names have been changed and the images are a representation only, but otherwise the stories are genuine accounts of the lives of people who have or are being helped by The National Benevolent Charity.

Greg & Pat

Greg, 45 and Pat, 42, from Cornwall and their 4 year old daughter: Greg diagnosed with aggressive lymphoma and unable to work; Pat caring for Greg and daughter; drastic fall in income as a result and unable to meet household bills. £25.00p per week for 12 months.


78 and from north London: widow who worked as a school dinner lady; disabled with arthritis and recently had knee replacement surgery; conned out of £1,250.00p for a riser/recliner chair by a rogue salesman, the firm subsequently going bust. £750.00p towards a chair from a reputable company.

Geoff & Karen

Geoff, 34, and Karen, 35, from Teesside and their children aged 12 and 9: Geoff, a fitter, made redundant and Karen only able to work part time as dental nurse; reduced to living on basic benefits and relying on food banks. £350.00p for living costs.


84, from SE London: widow living on basic state benefits; only son died four years ago; household appliances old and dilapidated. New cooker and washing machine supplied and fitted.


53, from Sheffield: worked in a factory; suffered two strokes and is now very disabled; cared for by wife; children aged 17, 15 and 10 in household. New cooker and fridge freezer supplied.


53, from Edinburgh and her 20 year old daughter, Patricia: daughter has severe physical and mental disabilities; Alex is daughter’s full time carer; husband walked out many years ago. £500.00p for new clothing and bedding


41, from Kent: history of schizophrenia; spent much of childhood in care; now has stage 4 liver cirrhosis; was homeless and now rehoused. £400.00 to provide carpets etc.


45, from North Yorkshire and her 14 year old daughter: suffered from family violence for 14 years; treated for broken bones and severe bruising; ran away to women’s refuge and now rehoused. £500.00p for household furnishings.

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