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How long until I hear from you ?

We aim to provide an initial response within ten working days but during busy periods this could take a little longer. If you have not heard from us, please check your junk mail or spam.

How will you contact me ?

We will contact you by email. We only phone applicants in exceptional circumstances.

How long will I have to wait for a decision ?

Provided you have supplied all the information we have requested, and your application is not for an exceptional item, we can usually decide within 3 to 5 days. Applications for exceptional items may take up to six weeks.

Can I apply over the phone or use a paper application ? 

We ask that you always apply via our secure application form on our website. If you cannot complete the application yourself, please ask someone to help you.

I do not have an email address can I still apply ?

Our system requires an email address. You will not be able to apply without one as we always correspond via email. We suggest that you set up a Hotmail or Gmail email address for the purposes of your application.

If I am successful, how will I receive my grant ?

We normally supply a voucher via Select Rewards. You will be able to redeem the voucher online or in store with various retail outlets.

How often can I apply ?

We only consider one application per twelve months and no more than three successful applications in five years.

Can I apply without a referrer ?

No. We have limited funds, and we try to ensure that our funds go to those most in need. A referrer who can verify your situation means that you are more likely to receive a grant that meets your needs.

Who can I use as a referrer ?

Your referrer must be an independent person who is professionally involved with you for example a Charity Advice Worker, Social Worker, Housing Officer, Money Advice Worker, CAB Advisor, Health Visitor etc. They should write a statement or letter which should include: a description of your current circumstances, what you are applying for, how they are professionally involved with you and that they support your application.

I have emailed my supporting evidence or have asked a question but have not yet had a response ?

We respond to applicants in date order. During busy periods this may mean a delay of 3 to 5 days. But we will get back to you!

How do I send supplementary information ?

If we ask for supplementary information, please attach it to your reply email. We accept screenshots, photographs, pdfs, or jpegs. Please do not send paperwork to our office as we cannot ensure it is secure and post is not picked up regularly.

Why have you refused my application ?

Around 85% of those applicants who supply all the information requested are successful and receive a grant. But we receive over a thousand applications per year and have limited funds so sometimes we must make tough decisions.

Do I have the right of appeal or to ask for additional help ?

We make decisions based on the information supplied and the funds available. Grants are awarded at our discretion.

Do you provide emergency help ?

We do not currently offer emergency help.

Will you pay for an item I have already bought ?

We do not provide funds for goods or services already purchased.

I received a grant but still need more help/additional funds

If you receive a grant, you will not be able to apply again for twelve months. However, there are other organisations you might be eligible to apply to such as Turn2Us or Lightening Reach

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