The National Benevolent Charity gives financial help and support to people who, through no fault of their own, are living in poverty.

The modern welfare state has put an end to the destitution that often accompanied poverty in the past. However, that does not mean that poverty does not exist today. On the contrary, there are many people living in Britain who cannot make ends meet and who cannot afford the necessities of life. Some are retired and elderly, others have had a life of illness or disability and have not been able to work, or they have spent their lives looking after elderly or disabled relatives even redundancy in late middle age and unable to find another job. Then, there are those that have been left penniless after separation or divorce, through bankruptcy, or for some other unavoidable reason. A growing problem of the twenty first century is that of the working poor.

The National Benevolent Charity can make grants to meet essential needs, purchase and arrange delivery of household items and supply vouchers for goods and services. Occasionally, the charity can make a weekly payment to supplement a meagre income and help the beneficiary through a difficult period

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