Guidance Notes - Please read very carefully 

We recognise that if you are considering applying to our charity for a grant you may live in very challenging circumstances and have physical or mental health issues. We also recognise that you may be applying to us as a last resort.  We will therefore strive to ensure that your application is processed efficiently and that your experience is as positive and rewarding as possible. However, our funds are limited and applications may be unsuccessful or held up because applicants have not followed the guidance or are ineligible. Therefore please read our guidance notes carefully before applying. 

Who can apply and for how much?

If you are experiencing poverty or hardship you may be eligible to apply  for a grant from our Welfare Fund to help you buy essential  things that will make a positive contribution to your day- to-day well -being.  You can apply on your own behalf but you will need to provide a statement or letter of support from a professional person who knows you and your circumstances.  Our average award last year was ¬£360.00 in value.  Applications for much larger amounts are unlikely to be successful. Please indicate what your priority need is in your application. Awards may be made in the form of e-vouchers, bank transfer direct to a supplier, or through our own suppliers. 

Anyone may apply as long as they meet the minimum criteria listed below but our experience shows that you are likely to be experiencing poverty because of one or more of these factors. 

1. You have a physical or mental health condition or disability 

2. You have young children or are caring for a relative

3. You have escaped from a mentally or physically abusive relationship 

4. You have been a victim of crime 

5. You have suffered a traumatic bereavement.

When completing the application form please let us know as much as possible about your circumstances.

We also welcome applications from referral agencies on behalf of a client. 

You must meet the minimum criteria below;

  1. Have UK citizenship or have been granted leave to remain.  
  2. Have been resident in the UK for at least 12 months.
  3. Be over 18 years old.  
  4. Be unable to fund your request yourself. 
  5. Be applying for something not usually funded by the state.
  6. Have not received an award from the National Benevolent Charity in the past 12 months.    
  7. Have had no more than three successful applications to the National Benevolent Charity in the past five years. 
  8. Be in receipt of all state benefits you are entitled to (except where you are waiting for benefit to be awarded for example PIP or appealing against a decision of the DWP to refuse or withdraw a benefit)
  9. Have applied to other trade related benevolence funds (if applicable)
  10. Be able to supply the contact details of a referrer (see How to Apply section below) 

We are currently considering applications for;

  1. Help to buy white goods e.g. fridge, freezer, microwave, washing machine or cooker  
  2. Help to buy essential household goods e.g. bedding and beds, bedroom furniture, kitchen equipment   
  3. Help to buy baby equipment e.g. buggy, cot, clothes   
  4. Help to buy food or clothing 
  5. Help with utility bills 
  6. Help with the costs of training or work tools

A few things to note before you apply: 

1. We are a very small committed team and due to the volume of applications and for security reasons, we can only process applications we receive through the online application form found by scrolling down the page. 

2. Please contact us via email rather than telephone. 

3. Please respond to our requests for further information as promptly as possible as this will normally speed up the decision process.

4. Please do not purchase your goods while your application is in process as we cannot make awards retrospectively..

5  Our legal obligation is to the health and wellbeing of our staff and to protect them from harm or the risk of harm. Please treat them with courtesy and respect.  

What happens once we receive your application?

We aim to make an initial assessment of your application within 10 working days of receiving it.  You will then receive an email from us which will either;

1. Tell you the outcome of your application and when and how an award will be made.


2. Ask you to provide further information or documentation such as bank statements or referrers details.


3.  Tell you that your application will be considered by our Welfare Committee ( exceptional applications, as listed below, are always considered by the Welfare Committee and therefore take longer to process)

FAQ's click here

In exceptional circumstances we may consider applications for; 

  1. Bankruptcy or a Debt Relief Order - where debt advice from an agency has been received and this is confirmed as the best course of action.  
  2. Respite Holiday - where there is a compelling case that it will enhance well being.
  3. Floor Coverings - where there are very young children in the home or there is some other compelling case  (a quote from the supplier and photographs of the existing flooring will need to support the application) 
  4.  Disability Aids - where there insufficient government grants and it can be is shown as the most cost effective option.
  5. Minor Home or Garden Alterations - where it is shown that it will enhance wellbeing.
  6. Rent Arrears - where there is a compelling case that reducing rent arrears will make a significant difference to an individual or family.

How to Apply

Please fill in the application form below and ensure you have completed everything on the checklist before sending it to us.   

You will need to provide;

1. A Statement or Letter from a referrer. This must be an independent person who is professionally involved with you for example a Charity Advice Worker, Social Worker, Housing Officer, Money Advice Worker, CAB Advisor, Health Visitor, GP etc.   It should include: a description of your current circumstances, what you are applying for, how they are professionally involved with you and that they support your application. The professional referrer statement or letter can either be pasted into the box provided in the application form or attached as a file at the end. Your application will be rejected without a referrer.

2.  A breakdown of your monthly income and outgoings  

3.  A Bank Statement which is no more than two months old or your most recent Benefits statement.

4.  Medical Evidence from your GP, NHS Consultant or Specialist etc, if it is relevant to your application             

You will find the application process is easier if you upload your Referrer Statement, Bank or Benefits Statement and Medical Evidence onto your device before starting the form and have your income and outgoings to hand. 

If you are a referrer making an application on behalf of a client, please give your clients name, email and contact details at the start of the application form and your details in the For Referrers section at the end of the application form. 

If your application is incomplete we will be unable to process it and it will be rejected.


  1. Ensure all your personal details are fully completed; including full income and outgoings based on the whole household. This must include every member of the family that is contributing to the daily living costs.  
  2. Ensure that you (or your legal representative) have signed and completed the consent questions.  
  3. Upload a Bank Statement which is no more than two months old or your most recent Benefits Statement   
  4. Upload evidence of your medical condition (if applicable to your application). This must be in the form of a statement from your doctor, hospital or other medical professional confirming your condition.  
  5. Give as much information as possible about your circumstances, why you are asking for a grant and  explain how a grant will help you and your well being.  
  6. Upload your referrers letter or pasted a professional referrers statement and given contact details in the section For Referrers.                    

Thank you....


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