Welfare Fund 

Welfare Fund Guidance Notes

The Welfare Fund is aimed at those who are experiencing poverty.  They may have been claiming benefits for some time and may also be suffering from a long term heath condition which prevents them from working. 

The Fund is  to help people buy essential  things that will make a positive contribution to their day- to-day well -being.   

Our awards are normally a few hundred pounds in value and a successful award will be made in the form of vouchers, a bank transfer or through our own suppliers. 

Please check that you are making a request for something we can help with and that you fit the criteria.  If it has been more than 12 months since you received your last award you may apply again but priority will be given to new applicants and we will offer a maximum of three awards per household over three years. 

Please note that your application must be supported by a professional referrer and a bank statement.  Without these the application cannot be processed. The professional referrers statement can be cut and pasted into the box provided or attached as a file at the end.

Please also note that during Coronavirus there may be delays in the supply and fitting of washing machines and cookers as they require specialist fitters. Strict safety precautions will apply with all deliveries and installations. 

We will consider requests for;    

  1. White goods e.g. fridge, freezer, microwave, washing machine and cooker 
  2. Household goods e.g. bedding and beds, bedroom furniture, kitchen equipment  
  3.  Baby equipment e.g. stroller, cot  
  4.  Food 
  5.  Clothing  
  6.  Fuel 
  7. Minor House Repairs
  8. Training

We will not currently consider requests for;

  1. Rent Arrears
  2. Debts
  3. Funeral Expenses
  4. Major House Repairs
  5. Garden Improvements
  6. Legal Fees
  7. Asylum immigration or naturalisation administration

Under very exceptional circumstances we may consider requests for;

  1. Bankruptcy and debt relief orders 
  2. Private Medical Treatment
  3. Respite Holidays
  4. Floor Coverings
  5. Disability aids or adaptations

 To fit the criteria you must be; 

  1. A legal resident of the UK and over 18 years old? 
  2. Claiming all the benefits you are entitled to? Please see our benefits calculator here.
  3. Unable to fund the request yourself? 
  4. Applying for something that would not usually be funded by the state?      

How to apply? 

You need to complete the attached application form and check you have done everything on this list before sending it to us. If your application is incomplete, we will be unable to process your application. You must: 

  1. Ensure all personal details are fully completed including full income and outgoings based on the whole household. This must include every member of the family that is contributing to the daily living costs. 
  2. Ensure that you, (or your legal representative) have signed and completed the consent questions. 
  3.  Attach a copy of your most recent monthly bank statement. 
  4.  Attach evidence of your medical condition (if applicable to your application). This must be in the form of a statement from your doctor, hospital or other medical professional confirming your condition. 
  5. Complete the section on Background to this Application giving further details of your request explaining how an award would have a positive impact on your well-being
  6.  Ensure that a suitable professional such as a Case Worker, Social Worker, Housing Worker, GP or Family Support has completed the section For Referrers.                   

What happens next? 

You need to complete the application form below and check you have done everything on the list before sending it to us. You will find this easier if you have already uploaded a copy of your medical evidence and bank statements onto your device before starting the form and have your income and outgoings to hand. 

 Thank you

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